Come see why our hotel can be your entrance to a gem of a vacation. Discover Away Inn Hotel, located in Lauderdale-By-The-Sea, Florida. Built in 1953, it will surely become the treasure you’re looking to capture your upcoming vacation. You’ll save time and money, as the Boutique style hotel is much like living in a spacious studio apartment; many with well equipped kitchens. Part of the allure of this pearl is its privacy, a short 100-yards from the beach is no accident. You’ll enjoy a short stroll before dipping your toes or plunging your body into warm waters, or perhaps join the kids collecting shells along the shore. Some people endure time, while others embrace it.

Precious stones take years to evolve, mature, and reach perfection. You’ll see this in the architectural design of structures as well, structures like the Away Inn Hotel. It’s clear to see why Fort Lauderdale is known as the Venice of America. The expansive and intricate canal system pulls you into her heart. You will be in the vein of the most vital, pulsating area on the Atlantic Coast. Listen to the gentle tap of the water merging peacefully across the sand, as waves invitingly pull you toward the beach.

If azure blue waters shimmering under a full moon aren’t enough to wet your appetite, then the cuisine from one of over 4,000 restaurants will; many 5-Star quality. Whether your tastes float toward oysters on the half-shell with a pinch of sea-salt, a few squirts of lime and a splotch of cocktail-sauce, or luscious King Crab dripping with savory garlic butter with a squeeze of lemon, you’ll find it around every corner forever tempting your taste buds.

Within a single year, the area enjoyed over 10.35 million visitors, and is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations under the sun. Come see for yourself. Two words will come to your mind: Affordable – Luxury.

Hundreds of Things to Do!

The Away Inn Hotel is a jewel dazzling near neon lights at dusk as the sun’s golden globe goes down, revealing a night life alive with the energy and excitement of a city opening her arms to adventure and possibilities. Come catch the magic and join in the stimulation as you choose from over 120-nightclubs. At dawn the rising sun wraps you and yours in comfort and security. It’s hard to choose one thing to do when you want to do everything, but choose you must as you leave your accommodations to join in the fun. You’ll find the Away Inn Hotel meets your needs while you push your fun-meter off the charts.

If golfing is your pleasure, you’ll enjoy having dozens of golf courses to choose from. Visit Doral Golf Club and display your skill at the "Blue Monster" or go to Palm Beach and play the famous "Bear Trap" Hole at the PGA National of West Palm Beach. Golfing amenities and newly configured fairways at any one of the premier clubs is only limited by your imagination.

A big plus of visiting Fort Lauderdale, is its close proximity to Miami and West Palm Beach. You can choose from malls and specialty boutiques and shop to your heart’s content. West Palm Beach has many sports activities. Hundreds of treasures are awaiting you, just a short driving distance away. The coastal resort city of Miami Beach is another reason to stay longer.

Whether you come by boat, auto or air, you’ll find what’s missing in your life in this nugget near the water.

Access to Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport with first class shuttle service is in the area, as is limousine services, passenger services, car rentals, tourist, and community information. The Away Inn Hotel is your perfect way to get away.

Away Inn
4653 North Ocean Drive
Lauderdale-by-the-Sea, Florida 33308
Telephone: +1.954.202.6599
Fax: +1.954.202.6592
Toll-Free: +1.877.671.2929

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